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Morteza Atri M.D.F ICS,Personal Site

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كارسنوم سلول قاعده‌اي و سلول سنگفرشي

اپيدميولوژي و سير طبيعي

كارسينوم سلول قاعده‌اي[1] و سلول سنگفرشي[2] شايعترين سرطانهاي پوست و دو نوع از شايعترين انواع سرطان به شمار مي‌آيند. مرگ و مير حاصل از اين سرطانها بسيار كم است، با اين حال كمتر از 1/0 درصد از مرگ و مير ناشي از سرطان را شامل مي شود. هر دو نوع سرطان مذكور در نواحي در معرض آفتاب و در جمعيت سفيد پوست شايعتر مي‌باشند. برخلاف سرطان سلولهاي قاعده‌اي كه به ندرت متاستاز مي‌دهند، سرطانهاي سلولهاي سنگفرشي مي‌تواند به غدد لنفاوي ناحيه‌اي دست‌اندازي كند. بدين ترتيب معايه غدد لنفاوي در بيمار مبتلا به سرطان سلول سنگفرشي به ويژه در نواحي لب، گوش، اطراف مقعد و اطراف نواحي تناسلي، ضروري مي‌باشد.

آخرین بروز رسانی در یکشنبه, 21 فروردین 1390 ساعت 07:56 ادامه مطلب...

Linking Histopathology and Family History in Breast Cancer

فرستادن به ایمیل چاپ مشاهده در قالب PDF

Linking Histopathology and Family History in Breast Cancer


M Atri1, P Mehdipour2,  M Javidroozi3, SS Hosseini-asl2, E Jafarimojarrad3




In order to assess the prognostic value of family history (FH) of malignancies in patients afflicted with breast cancer (BC), we examined FH and histopathologic characteristics of 542 Iranian primary BC patients. Cases with distant metastasis at the time of diagnosis were excluded. Mean age of the studied population was 49 and the most common presenting stage was stage IIA followed by stage IIB.

Data on a total of 6089 relatives (1st to 4th generations with the assumption of probands as the 3rd generation) were gathered.  FH of BC and other malignancies (OM) was positive in 29 and 54% of cases, respectively. The most common OM’s were  gastric (67), lung (52) and uterus (47) cancers.

We found that a FH of BC does not have any significant correlation with proven prognostic factors but a history
of BC among relatives at or before the age of 36 is associated with more aggressive tumours. On the other hand,
although FH of OM was associated with an older age of the probands (which is generally associated with a favourable
prognosis), tumours of the cases with FH of OM had higher grades,  lymphatic invasion being detected more frequently.
Also we noted that the younger the age of the relatives diagnosed with cancer, the higher the stage of the probands

All together our study indicates the possibility of a relation between FH of BC and OM, and histopathologic characteristics of the probands’ tumours which would put forward FH as a prognostic factor rather than a simple risk factor in BC.

Key Words:  Breast cancer - histopathology - family history - prognostic factors - other malignancies - risk factors Asian

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